The technical service includes examining the entire system of the computer to ensure the repair is done properly. Technicians will provide services using the latest technology. We provide full computer service, including diagnostics, repairs and cleaning of all brands of computers and laptops. Do not delay repairing technics indefinitely to avoid additional costs.

1. Notebooks

  • Diagnosis and repair;
  • Screen replacement;
  • Keyboard replacement;
  • Touchpad replacement;
  • Charger repair; restoration or replacement of damaged details;
  • Changing the video card;
  • Repairing the external part of laptops;
  • Replacement of the integrated element;
  • Upgrading the RAM;
  • Cleaning and changing the Thermal Paste;
  • Replacing/ repairing the motherboard;
  • Replacing the disk reader;
  • Hard disk replacement;
  • CPU replacement;;
  • Cooler replacement/ repair;
  • Replacing/repairing flexible flat cable;
  • Changing the chipset.

2.2. Personal Computers

  • Repair and cleaning of computer;
  • Technical diagnostics;
  • Root cause problem elimination;
  • Cleaning the computer from dust;
  • Cleaning and repairing the power supply;
  • Solve computer cooling problems;
  • Applying the Thermal paste;
  • Computer empowerment;
  • Repairing of damaged motherboard;
  • Repairing of a damaged video card;
  • Repairing the power supply;
  • Repairing the Monitor;

3. Printer Service

  • Repairing laser/inkjet printers;
  • Charging cartridges;
  • Drum replacement;

4. Smartphone service

  • Changing the screen of a smartphone(iphone,Samsung,Huawei);
  • Repairing the switch button;
  • Repairing/replacing home button;
  • Repairing/replacing the charger connector;
  • Solve problems connected to network or other mother board damage;
  • Android installation/configuration;