• Network set up / configuration - A computer network is an essential element of any modern enterprise or organization. With the rapid development of computer technology, it is necessary to provide fast, reliable and secure connections to computer systems. As the result computer network design, construction and management systems play a crucial role in modern information technology. A computer network is a series of interconnected nodes, that can transmit, receive and exchange data and resources. You build a computer network using hardware and software. Computer networks are widely used in businesses, schools or government agencies, as well as at home. IT Craft offers the following services:
    • Developing a network topology and planning its security;
    • Building a passive and active network infrastructure;
    • Installation of any complexity of network;
    • Wiring of newly constructed business facilities;
    • Organizing Wiring closet;
    • Setting up routers, switches and wi-fis;
    • Installation of network rosettes and jacks, testing wires
    • Network administration
    • Monitoring of network infrastructure
    • Solving internal network problems
    • Relationships with providers