Software service

Installing or reinstalling windows and all the necessary programs.

  • Full backup(Desktop, Documents, OUtlook messages, contacts), even if the computer does not turn on or the operating system does not boot;
  • Preparing hard disk, fixing errors on partition;
  • Installing the operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1,10, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac OS);
  • Optimization of operating system and customization to the interests of the user;
  • Installing any type of drives, with the latest update;
  • Cleaning the computer from viruses with a licensed antivirus;
  • Installing programs;
  • Installing a licensed antivirus;
  • Configuration of client’s mail (Outlook Express, MS Outlook);
  • Connecting peripherals (printer, scanner);
  • Troubleshooting software malfunction;
  • Controlling and managing access to Internet.