Cameras and access systems

Cameras and access systems - monitor the perimeter inside and outside the building 24 hours a day. The camera is connected via Wi-Fi and does not require additional cables. The perimeter can be controlled and viewed directly. Your mobile phone can also be used for monitoring.

A wide selection of video systems will allow you to select the right camera, regardless of size or shape. For example, the camera is often chosen based on the location where it is going to be installed, with considerations such as illumination, weather resistance, the need for protection from the harmful effect of the environment.

We offer video surveillance systems, that meet the highest standards. The high resolution allows not only to detect the general characteristics of the person, his face or clothes, but also to see the details on his face clearly.

  • Installation of surveillance cameras;
  • Configuration;
  • Further services;
  • Consulting;
  • IP Cameras;
  • Wifi cameras;
  • Analogic cameras;

Installation of access systems The system enables automatic access control and calculates the hours employees work. The software can be used in large enterprises, as well as in small offices, banks, factories, etc. There are different types of access systems depending on the object.

We recommend implementing biometric access systems for institution of special importance, which allow high- efficiency identification of individuals. The use of a biometric access system significantly reduces the chances of confidential information being stolen and prevents unauthorized accesses.

  • Biometric control
  • Access with fingerprints.
  • Access with IRIS Recognition
  • Access with electronic cards
  • Access with electronic key.