IP Phone

• Install and configure on local and virtual servers
• Voice menu
• Answering machine
• Internal telephone connection between remote offices
• Full monitoring of calls

You purchase an IP phone number with the telephone operator of your choice, and our company provides system installation, assignment of internal telephone numbers, redirects, and other standard functionality.

What are the features of VOIP

• You can not only run but also save phone conversations for long periods of time;
• Monitor ongoing conversations;
• Redirect calls;
• The system has a voice mode - auto-secretary;
• Has voicemail by sending the record via e-mail;
• Support for electronic and fax transmissions;
• Data collection for billing system, detailed call recording (CDR);
• In remote offices it is possible to perfectly organize the Call Center with all the necessary functions;
• Support for all popular VoIP protocols: sip, iax, h.323, skype, jabber, google talk;
• It is possible to make a phone call to a remote customer;
• Parking of telephone calls;
• Black list of telephone numbers;
• Make outgoing calls to several subscribers simultaneously;
• Programming of complex call management (according to the subscriber's action, number of days, etc.);

Extensive functionality to create your ATS add-ons to meet your requirements, VOIP telephony can be deployed both in your office - on the server, as well as in the provider data center - on virtual or physical servers. However, to minimize the cost of purchasing fixed and technical resources, we recommend placing the system in our secure data center, as our hosted servers are provided with appropriate protection, cooling and firefighting equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, additional and backup power systems. However, the minimum package of virtual servers offered by us is enough for the quality operation of VOIP telephony, however, the optimal selection of the package depends on the number of phones in your network, the duration of archiving incoming and outgoing call records, etc.