We all know how fast computer technology is evolving, its service and efficient use requires increasing the number of IT staff and their training, which is associated with additional costs, therefore, for small and medium businesses and some large companies, IT outsourcing is more profitable. Many organizations are already using this path and their number is growing rapidly. IT outsourcing means the transfer of information technology management and development to a service company, under the terms and conditions specified in the contract.

  • Overall, IT outsourcing significantly reduces computer hardware service costs and makes the organization's IT system more efficient and reliable.
  • Half staff costs: IT employee salary, income tax, business trip and vacation expenses, workplace arrangement for the employee (room, desk and computer equipment), training expenses, insurance, telephone expenses
  • Save time: You will not have to spend time managing the IT department and devote more time to the main areas of your business.
  • Has more powerful resources (tangible and intangible) to solve IT tasks.